Camp Genres & Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

When do the camps take place?

TBF camps meet once a week, typically over the course of 4, 5, or 6 weeks. The time window for this is from late June to early August. Each site where camps are held has a set day of the week for sessions. This format allows for extended time periods to teach and repeat progressive fundamental drills and leads to more sustainable improvement and skill mastery that your player can expect to take into the season.

Where do camps take place?

Previously, these camps have taken place in Ankeny, Bettendorf, Des Moines, Grimes, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Fairfield, and Walnut. I am always looking to add more sites every year. If you’re interested in bringing a camp to your youth program or community, please contact Coach Blum to discuss.

Are these camps padded?

No. None of these camps are padded. Any contact the occurs is 2-hand touch or is done with tackling dummies, shields, and in coach controlled manners.

Who coaches these camps?

Coach Blum leads all the sessions and keeps group sizes to a point where he can provide individual advice to every player over the course of camp. When necessary other coaches are brought in that include former collegiate players, other coaching colleagues, and sometimes high school players from the community whose shoes the campers hope to fill one day on the varsity squad.

What will my player learn at these camps?

In addition to physical skills & fundamentals, an emphasis is made to teach lessons of leadership, effort, accountability, hard work, teamwork, persistence, attitude, and other intangible qualities that often lead to success on and off the field. Coaches value these qualities in players just as much as their physical abilities and its an important part of any young player’s personal development.

Lineman Camps

The best lineman-specific camp to teach young BIGS the tried & true fundamentals of line play. Players learn proper technique through repetitive, progressive drill work in the run & pass game on both sides of the ball. This camp teaches lineman to convert their natural traits such as size, speed, & strength into skill sets that produce power, leverage, and the ability to win in the trenches.

Transitional Skills & Drills

Best suited for non-linemen tackle players, this camp is a hybrid combo of QB/Offensive Skills camp and Tackle Transitions. Part of camp is spent on offense working on ball skills, exchanges, pass routes, defender evasion, and general play-making abilities. The other portion will focus on defensive fundamentals including tackling techniques, shedding blocks, field leverage/contain, and pass coverage.


The FUNdamentals program is designed to teach introductory football skills to beginners, rec, & flag players. Each session highlights different positions, drills, and basic game procedures. Players put their new skills to the test in backyard-style games. Every player has opportunities to have the ball in their hands and to learn the game in a fun & energetic football environment.

QB/Offensive Skills Camp

Best for QBs, RBs, & WR/TEs, this camp is designed to work on individual position skills as well as fundamentals that are cooperative among multiple positions. This includes backfield exchanges, pass route timing, reacting to the defense, and other teamwork elements that are critical in moving the ball down the field.

Tackle Transitions

Tackle Transitions is designed to aid a player’s acclimation to tackle football. This isn’t limit to teaching only tackling technique. In addition to USA Football’s Heads Up Tackling, players will also learn to manage instances of contact that occur at every position on the field. This is a non-padded camp and a majority of the contact occurs with bags, tackling dummies, or in a coach controlled manner to maintain player safety.

Contact Me

If you have any questions about the camp session or the location of the camp please feel free to contact me.