The Taking Back Football blog provides insight and commentary from Tyler Blum, a former University of Iowa player and now full-time youth football organizer. The blog focuses on discussion surrounding the sport, specifically at the youth and high school levels. Based on nearly a decade of professional experience in this field and interactions with coaches and parents across the state of Iowa, Coach Blum aims to serve the youth football community by delivering an experienced and qualified take on topics that organizers, coaches, and parents encounter in this realm.

TBF Blog (vol 7): Taking Back Football 2.0

“So, is this your full- time job?” That’s a question I’m often asked when speaking to football parents, coaches, and organizers. Yes, I am a self-employed football coach. Beyond training players, I also work to serve the greater football community through coaches...

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TBF Blog (vol 6): TackleBar Product Review

Have you heard of TackleBar? The Minnesota-based company describes itself as a safer approach to the game of football that preserves the tradition and spirit of the sport. They tout that thousands of players in 21 states use their products, were featured by Michele...

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TBF Blog (vol 5): Micro Macro Practice Plan

A well-crafted practice plan is essential to facilitate both individual and whole team improvement within a day’s practice. Even at the youngest ages of the youth level, coaches must come to practice with a game plan. Those who don’t take the time to put some thought...

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TBF Blog (vol 3): What It Means To Be Coached; Why Coaches Yell

Parents— In addition to considering some of these thoughts for yourself, I encourage you to share them with your athletes. What It Means To Be Coached I’m a tough coach. I have high expectations of myself to help players achieve improvement and high expectations for...

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Book Reviews

From the thrilling wins to the gut-wrenching losses and everything in between, there’s something every coach can take for these books.

Athlete Podcasts

Iowa’s brightest prep stars share their paths toward chasing their athletic dreams.

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