When I started the RedZone Youth Football League with Diamond Dreams, one of driving forces behind it’s genesis was the growing concern from parents over injuries & concussions in youth tackle football. A heightened awarness and growing media coverage has perpetuated these concerns.

We set out to do our homework on the subject, but found that very few studies have been done. We reached out to the University of Iowa Sports Medicine department and learned that they had already gotten to work. They too had sought some data on the subject, and like us, found very little. So they put together their own study to further the research on such a debated issue.

It was is my belief that flag football is a safer, and overall better option for youth players. Those in favor of tackle football have a strong argument as well. The goal of this study is not to denounce one method and claim the other as superior; their goal is to make the data known so parent’s can make more informed decisions for their children. I’m thrilled to be part of this and hope the results have a positive effect on the sport.

Check out the study here: Youth football and concussions: Worth the risk?

The study is ongoing and they’ve not yet published any results.