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 Over 7 years of everyday experience in coaching, running camps, coordinating leagues, and other various football operations.

From my dreams to theirs–

 Giving back to football, what football gave to me.

Helping kids acheive their football dreams.

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Check out the various services I offer to help players, teams, and programs improve. Camps, clinics, and consultations.

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About Taking Back Football


To help every kid, whose shoes I once walked in, chase their football dreams like I did. To be a positive role model for young players and to teach them values beyond football. And also to serve the sport that has given me so much by teaching the future generation and promoting it’s continued role in our lives.


“I feel fortunate to be in ‘football season’ throughout the year. I enjoy interacting with and coaching youth athletes in an effort to provide a valuable and positive football experience. I approach this work more as a teacher and role model than a coach. My programs are based on fundamental mastery, technique isolation, and developing consistency. In addition to the Xs & Os of the game, I look for opportunities to instill mental and social lessons that will help kids become better ball players, teammates, students, family members, and citizens. Personal development of every player– regardless of experience or ability– is my expectation for every camp.”  Tyler Blum



Weekly, non-padded skill & drill sessions over 4-6 week period at various locations across Iowa


Progressive drills, skill isolation, & higher rep volumes to strengthen fundamentals, build advanced skill sets.


Personalized and responsive coaching advice to ensure every player improves, regardless of experience or skill level.


Experienced, certified, and genuine youth football coaching. 7+ years working with players grades K-12.

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